REPRODUCE- Biological Reproduction, Social Reproduction and Public Sphere

The REPRODUCE (PID2020-115079RB-I, AEI/FEDER, UE) project aims to investigate from an analytical, critical and interdisciplinary point of view, the concept of reproduction in the global era and its impact on the public sphere. 

The consideration of the concept of reproduction is in our view essential and necessary in the approach of a challenge that focuses on the field of social sciences and humanities with the specific purpose of being and doing science for and with society. The consideration of the concept of reproduction highlights the emergence of the various emerging issues around gender relations in the global era, transversal to public / private relations that rethink the imaginary and basic cultural and political values.

General objectives: 

  1. Analyze and rethink in a critical and interdisciplinary way, the concept of reproduction, and its impact on the public sphere. 
  2. Analyze from the critical theory of society the different political, social, environmental, economic and symbolic-cultural transformations around reproduction. 
  3. Analyze transnational activism through its boundary struggles (Fraser), questioning the separation, dependence and invasion of relationships and logic between the different areas of social interaction. 
  4. Publicize and politicize reproduction relations as a theoretical framework to generate critical and emancipatory analyses useful to evaluate the different demands, the different agendas and the various political programs of the new democratizing social actors around reproduction.  

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